One Smart Star® is a patent-protected business solution that enables enterprises of all sizes to achieve compelling brand advantage by providing single point access to the full range of its corporate services and information.

This is achieved through the full integration of existing features of the switching system, combined with a specially developed software applications and unique database.

A highly convenient add-on that rides on top of existing communication systems, One Smart Star® (OSSN®) enable simplified customer access to every business – especially to branches of city-wide, regional or nationwide enterprises such as Government Agencies, Banks, Auto Dealers & Garages, Hire Car, Pizza, and more.


Mr. Gary Bernstein

Gary Bernstein is an international business development executive based in London with 25 years’ experience in the telecoms, media & technology industries. He has held senior roles in O2 and Nokia’s infrastructure division, and has led a start-up telecoms consulting business which won +100 clients across five continents (subsequently arranging its sale to a global software company). Gary has proven competency in selling complex software solutions at C-level, which he has utilised over the last three years consulting for telecoms, media & technology vendors, delivering market entry strategy development and hands-on sales program execution. He has previously been a board member of the UK’s mobile industry association (FCS) and chairman of a global committee within the GSMA organisation. Gary holds an MBA from Manchester Business School.

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